I fear they plan to lock up all those who oppose vaccination,

As the main media have been repeating for years that anyone who does not accept this type of science is incapable of understanding, a terrorist who endangers public safety. It must be understood that they certainly do not want to pay for genocide and therefore they will wage war in order not to have dissenting voices.

Promoting lawful killing can be used against anyone.

1. We need to create a Christian court of justice;

2. Knowing the heritage of each high office especially the magistrates;

3. Remain calm to avoid martial law;

4. Organize stable groups in television stations, prosecutors' offices;

5. To involve the birth of the army of Christians in defense of every Value, of Truth and of Life.

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Am posting this to all within my reach! Thanks for the alert..

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My 4 th World country , the one to your north, Chinada boasts proudly its genocidal policy called MAID. We’re dying to lead the world at Something.

Today we slow roll the Niagara-Toronto highway to protest fuel inflation and, well, Everything. Because Everything is messed up.

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I will post this on my Twitter and Facebook. I wondered when a MAID type bill would reach here, we are usually lockstep with them in the race to tyranny, genocide, and total absurdity.

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Globalist will not be deterred! We need to repent asking God to forgive our transgressions to experience the fullness of his grace.

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